Thanksgiving Dinner in the Rockaways

In a community that was recently devastated by Superstorm Sandy, now more than ever, it’s important for the Rockaway Youth Task Force to show our thanks and appreciation for our community.  Although many in our neighborhood had their homes ruined and their spirits shaken, we are hear to provide comfort and loyalty to our fellow residents by serving food during this Thanksgiving holiday.

Rebuilding our community is an effort that will take years.  Some of our own members were devastated by the disaster.  Some have lost homes, are still without heat and hot water, and travel long hours to school. Serving Thanksgiving dinner is one of many small steps toward our goal of a safe, happy, and stable Rockaway.  In order to help us achieve optimal success, we kindly ask that you, a friend of the RYTF, donate food and volunteer at the event.

As a force within the community, our residents enjoy seeing RYTF out and about making our neighborhoods a safe haven when times are hard.  In the days following the storm, we were able to deliver food, supplies, and other goods to housebound residents.  We teamed up with fantastic organizations to secure medical needs for disabled persons, and coordinated one of the most comprehensive disaster relief efforts on the Peninsula.  Serving Thanksgiving dinner to our neighbors, families, and friends, is our way of thanking them for the continued support they give RYTF.

We hope you join us in our endeavors.  Items needed: Any cooked traditional Thanksgiving Dish (e.g., turkey, mashed potatoes, mac & cheese, cranberry sauce)

Milan R. Taylor
Rockaway Youth Task Force


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