Map of Community Services and Needs

This map provides information on the location of services being provided to or led by the community and other organizations in the Rockaways to help with the emergency response and recovery effort.  CLICK ON THE LARGER MAP TO ZOOM IN AND OUT. CLICK ON MAP ICONS TO READ INFORMATION ABOUT SERVICES AND NEEDS AT SPECIFIC LOCATIONS.
RELEVANT UNTIL: November 25, 2012
LAST UPDATED: November 18, 2012
MAP DONE BY: CUNY Graduate Center researchers and students

The map was developed to help ensure a match between the needs of the community and the efforts of individuals, organizations and groups wanting to assist in the recovery process.  It incorporates information from Occupy Wall Street relief efforts and from surveys and interviews done by CUNY Graduate Center researchers and students since November 4, 2012.

This map is not comprehensive of the current situation in all the neighborhoods of the Rockaways. We encourage all emergency service providers and relief volunteers to please populate information on the map to assist in coordinating recovery efforts.  An instructional video is provided below and you must have a google email account to edit the map.  The situation evolves daily, so please view this map as a rapid assessment of the community that will change.

Please Help Update the Map – If you are providing services in the community or have specific needs, please add this information to the map.

Tutorial on Updating the Map – Anyone with a Google email account can update the map.

Rockaway Childcare Centers – This map provides information on the location of childcare centers with telephone number to call for additional information.

Rockaway School Relocation Map – If there is a tag for your school then your school has been temporary relocated. Click on the tag to find more information about what grades have been relocated, transportation options, and details about the host school. Please visit the NYC DOE for additional information. There is further information on our website under “Recovery Information” about school relocations and travel reimbursement for students and parents whose schools are relocated.

LIPA Map of Power Outages – This map shows areas with and without power, but the current statistics do not include information from the Rockaways.



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