Recent News

Shuttle Train Points to Progress in the Rockaways

Bloomberg says no more wooden boardwalks in the Rockaways

Hurricane Sandy Aftermath: Mold, Cold Pose Significant Health Risks In Rockaways

Sandy may have shut down Rockaway businesses for good

Groups Join Forces to help Revitalize Rockaways Businesses

Direct Subway Service to Return to Rockaways in Mid-2013

Rockaway residents, still without power, are coming into the light thanks to solar-panneled trucks

Far Rockaway Nonprofits Speak Out on Post-Hurricane Needs

RFK Jr. calls lack of resources in the Rockaways ‘distressing’

Rockaways Teen Documents Life Post-Sandy for School

Dollars and disaster: Questions about land grabs, corporate abuses arise while New Yorkers struggle to survive after Sandy

Reeling Before the Storm, Rockaways Complex Eyes Rescue

Subway Shuttle to Run in the Rockaways

After Sandy, Communication Breakdown Hampered Efforts to Find Evacuated Seniors

Hurricane Sandy’s Storm Surge Mapped … Before it Hit

The Rockaways Solar Power and Soup Kitchen

The Solar Truck is Brining Emergency Energy to Rockaway

Rockaway, Howard Beach Schools Move to LIC in Sandy’s Wake

Goldfeder Slams Bloomberg Over His ‘Inaction and Neglect’ of Far Rockaway & Southern Queens

Corps of Engineers restores power to Rockaways public housing

Far Rockaway: Global Disaster Zone

Rockaway Needs Us – LIPA Lies to NY1 about Customers Without Power

Rockaways start slow path to recovery after Hurricane Sandy

Where Hurricane Sandy Still Hurts

Is Occupy Wall Street Outperforming the Red Cross in Hurricane Relief?

A living hell in NYCHA houses: Agency ignores blackout victims trapped since Hurricane Sandy

Councilman James Sanders rips LIPA over Rockaway power outage

Sandy, Occupy and the City’s Failures

LIPA Gets Lit Up by Rockaway Residents, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo 

Sandy Underscores Need for Connected Community 

Occupy Sandy Efforts Highlight Need for Solidarity, Not Charity 

Sandy is Not an Excuse to Clean Out Your Closet 


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